Inmate comments

Here’s what the prisoner-playwrights said about the Voices Inside program:

“How does one adequately ever thank another human being for basically making you whole again, and by extension, giving your life back to you?”
— Rickie

“Before this program, I was more likely to argue and engage in nonproductive behavior that quite possibly could have led to some very negative outcomes. Through this class, and its teachings, I have learned not only how to express myself, but also how to communicate my thoughts and ambitions well enough to other people, to the point where I no longer have to rely on anger and frustration.”
— Derek

“So thank you, for giving me something I didn’t even know I needed. This experience will forever be a part of my life.”
— Stubby

“This opportunity encourages us to learn about subjects that can benefit us not only while we are incarcerated, but when we rejoin society. Many of us only have what we have learned prior to prison, or in prison. So any opportunity to learn and grow is tremendously beneficial and appreciated!”
— Denny

“After just two classes I have been really inspired to follow my dream of becoming a writer.”
— Jack